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I installed Office 2007 on my laptop. This was for me an upgrade from Office 2003 and the upgrade went beautifully. It launches by asking you for the Office key right at the beginning and you can copy and paste the entire key in at once as it is a single textbox (which is a nice feature). You can also provide the key later and just install Office directly without this key. From there, you are provided two buttons - Upgrade and Custom. For kicks, I pressed the Custom tab to see what it was installing and you could also see how the install was going to occur. It was interesting to note that it seems it is not doing an actual upgrade of Office 2003 - but instead, does an uninstall of Office 2003 (saving your files and settings of course in the process) and then doing a new install of Office 2007.

The results? Outstanding and completely worth the upgrade! I love the Ribbon approach and I am of the opinion that all application styles will change over the next few years to incorporate this feature to be the norm. The reason I think this is that end users using Office will learn to use the Ribbon feature and will then come to expect this functionality in the other products that they use each and every day. In fact, Infragistics realizes this as well and is already providing a Ribbon control for your Windows Forms applications and the other control vendors are also jumping on the bandwagon. Really, wait till the product managers, end users, and others start using this and when those guys start designing applications and feeding requirements into development, they will be asking for a Ribbon control functionality.

The other and by far the best product of the Office 2007 suite is Outlook 2007. Really, that is the application that most people spend their entire day in and by far the first feature I have gravitated to is the To-Do Bar:

This bar, on the right, shows the calendar, your next three appointments and all the emails that you have marked for Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, and more. You can also type tasks in as you get them and have them appear in the Today section. Talk about keeping me organized! I love it. I didn't use the past Task section of Office 2003 because it wasn't in my face as the To-Do Bar is. I now can't live without it.

Bravo Microsoft for putting out a great release!

Posted on Friday, November 17, 2006 10:12 AM Windows , Microsoft , Gadgets , Reviews , MSDN | Back to top

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# re: Office 2007 to the Rescue!
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Brave man upgrading one of your main tools about now -- don't you have writing to do? :P
Left by Kent Sharkey on Nov 17, 2006 11:55 AM

# re: Office 2007 to the Rescue!
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It was scary ... and I did think about the "what if this happens" thing ... but it worked out nicely. It was hard to find the Wiley style in the new Ribbon, but I ended up finding them (someone gave me a hint). :)
Left by Bill Evjen on Nov 17, 2006 12:30 PM

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