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As noted to me from Scott Hanselman, Microsoft just released the CTP1 of the XML Schema Explorer. Seems that there are a lot of changes coming in the XML space for the .NET 3.5 release and the XML tools that are currently present in VS2005 will be no more as they are replaced by some new XML tools - the XML Schema Designer being one of them.

Here is a screenshot of the new XML Schema Explorer. You can see from this screenshot that the schema is open on the left-hand side of the shot, while the schema explorer is open on the right. The big items that Microsoft seems to be making note of is the ease of visually dissecting your schema document from this explorer. You can see the search capabilities across the document and the highlighting in the explorer to quickly point you to the correct places in the document.

Quite interesting that they are using the "ticks" on the scrollbar showing places in the document that the search results are found. Clicking on one of these scrollbar ticks will bring you to that place in the document. This is a style of navigation that I am a big fan of ever since using the ReSharper tool from JetBrains. Navigating large documents through visual signifiers in the scrollbar is an something I would think we are going to see a lot more of in tools coming forward.

Overall - I like it. Haven't played with it - but you can see the video about it here. You can also read the XML team blog about it here. And you can download the new XML Schema tool here.

Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 5:02 PM Microsoft , MSDN | Back to top

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