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Oracle just released its latest version of ODP.NET. This version, for Oracle 11g, provides enhancements and the much anticipated Instant Client and User Defined Types (UTDs). One big issue in the past when you were working with ODP.NET for your ASP.NET applications was that you had to install a tremendously large Oracle client application that took some time. Now with the instant client, you simply XCopy your client to the server you want it at. Very easy. UDTs was also another feature that allows you to pass custom types into the database and step away from the need to use numerous ref cursors.

ODP.NET includes the ASP.NET providers that you might be looking for including:

  • Membership Provider
  • Role Provider
  • Profile Provider
  • Session State Provider
  • Site Map Provider
  • Web Parts Personalization Provider
  • Web Event Provider
  • Cache Dependency Provider

This version works with the .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5. You will be able to use it with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. Oracle also includes a Visual Studio kit of items that allow you to easily work with the database directly from Visual Studio.

The newest features from the Oracle site state the following:

  • Instant Client Support: Smaller ODP.NET client and xcopy installation
  • User-Defined Types: Map Oracle objects, collections, and REFs to .NET custom types
  • ADO.NET 2.0 Bulk Copy: Upload large data sets into Oracle from .NET
  • Process Database Down Events: ODP.NET automatically frees connections to a downed Data Guard instance
  • Windows-Authenticated User Connection Pooling: Windows users can now use ODP.NET connection pooling
  • Connection Pool Performance Counters: Monitor connections and connection pool status
  • End-to-End Tracing using Action and Module attributes

You can look to download this version at

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