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I was, for a moment, brought back to my childhood when I heard that Dungeons and Dragons Founder, Gary Gygax, passed away.

There was an interesting article on Slate (more of like a commentary) on the author's thoughts back to his childhood and D&D play. I myself, remember that I was really into the game as a geeky twelve year old. I wasn't that good at basketball even though I was pretty much the tallest kid in school. I was rather odd looking and really found my in-crowd playing D&D after school with a small group of friends (around 6 of us). The geekiest kid in our school was the leader of this gang but I was always convinced that he was modifying his characters in the evening to make them bigger than they were. Then there were the moments of trying to convince my mother that buying me some of the devil looking rule books was something I really needed her to do .... uuuuggggh. Fun days.

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