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image I arrived to Los Angeles last night to be ready first thing Monday for my first day at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC). Microsoft has really shortened this conference in regards to size and expense – that’s for sure. Obviously it has something to do with the economy. So, we’ll see how this conference will be done on the cheap. Doesn’t mean it has to be bad, but it should be different.

So for this year, this PDC is cut down from four days to three. Other things that are different include things like now, no breakfast served, there is no agenda’s printed and put with our badges, no more hard drives distributed, no backpacks provided, etc. I’m not complaining --- just stating.

So, since we are down to three days (starting tomorrow), this first day was for me, a day with the Microsoft Regional Directors. We got a nice all-day meeting with a lot of Microsoft Evangelism team on ….. [beep beep beep]. So you can see, it is some exciting times!

More to come from this weeks event. Stay tuned or follow me on Twitter at @billevjen.

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