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Rights Locker in the Cloud

These are the notes from a session at Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica.

Rich Berger – Sr. VP of Global Digital Strategy and Operations for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Mick Bass – VP Alliance Development – Ascent Media -
Scott Fierstein – Sr. Director at Microsoft
Jerry Brandt from Samsung
Tim Dodd – VP Media and Entertainment at Neustar
Brad Hunt – President of Digital Media Directions – moderator

  • New ecosystem being built called Ultraviolet
  • Motion picture is going through a tough time because of the decline of Home Video.
  • Trying to recover this lost revenue. Currently home video is down 14% over one year.
  • Currently it is a significant decline. Studios want to build a new way to deliver content. The development of this Ultraviolet system is going to bring people back to buying content and bring them back into digital distribution.
  • What is Ultraviolet? -
    • DECE is also called Ultraviolet
    • Lots of diff choice for consumers where they can buy content
      • Different platform works on different devices
    • Make a tech decision before buying content
    • DVDs were really successful
    • We need to unlock the content and make an open market
    • Device makers are part of this conversation
    • We are writing the specs right now
    • Anyone can publish Ultraviolet content and device makers are working to provide machines that play Ultraviolet content
    • We have a branded experience. When you buy Ultraviolet you will know that it will play on your Ultraviolet equipment across the board
    • We wanted to capture the simplicity that DVDs provide.
    • We are going to leverage the power of the cloud
    • The Digital Rights Locker is being tested right now
    • You can buy a BlueRay and then watch the digital version of this on any of your Ultraviolet devices
  • It is all about interoperability
  • It is about enabling a digital supply chain
  • They use a common file format and it makes the encoding process easier
  • Ultraviolet also enables how people use the content once they buy it
  • This allows for Make, Manage, and Move of content
  • What does MSFT think about UltraViolet?
    • Microsoft brought a lot to the table
    • Came with an open mind
    • We didn’t come in with a bunch of legacies
    • Most companies saw a company to create something really new
    • This was a joint venture for us
    • It is like building the entire aviation industry all at once
    • The opportunities that this presents is amazing
    • Zune does their own encoding – we use the product to differentiate ourselves
    • UltraViolet commoditize the products – UltraViolet also defines what you can do with the product.
  • Buy once and play anywhere --- this is UltraViolet
  • v1 is about sell through – future versions will do things like ebooks
  • Zune will not have to do the encoding anymore – zero encoding costs anymore as the studios will be delivering the finished product
  • If the consumer wins – everyone wins. – Samsung
  • UltraViolet adds value to physical. You can start with on online purchase and go to physical and you can also buy physical and then go to digital.
  • The physical product is still a valuable product for the end user
  • Standard non leading edge people are tending to be less comfortable with digital to start with
  • People still relate to package media
  • UltraViolet will be able to talk socially and tell your friends what you recently purchased
  • Are there plans to support rental? or Rent to Own?
    • You will be able to do this right off the bat
  • Disney and Apple are missing from the consortium – why is that?
    • Disney is doing something called Key Chest
  • ** NOTE *** This session had the most Q&A out of all the sessions I have been to
  • Consumers can specify whether or not they want to share their information. – consumers will have to opt-in. Retailers won’t be able to see what a consumer paid for a piece of content – they will only be able to see what is in the consumers catalog.
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