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I'm very excited about this. :) My precious little game, Another Block, has a new version.
The interface is much better, with colorful blocks (thanks to Gianfranco), sounds (thanks to me. ;)) and some small features that, after playing for a while, we found out that some things were better, some weren't, and some things were needed (thanks to Hervan).

Anyway, here is the link to download its setup file:
If you want to download it with the source code, here it is:

If you want to check out other stuff about Another Block, its SouceForge page is:

There is also a complete code comment report of its code, here:

The articles about how you can do a Tetris® clone like Another Block (still not complete) are here:

See you all on monday!

Posted on Friday, May 6, 2005 4:28 PM Tempo , Game Development | Back to top

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