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That is the question really, isn’t it? It has been more than a couple of days that Apple has released its 3.0 update for the iPhone / iPod touch OS, and I haven’t updated my iPod touch (1st gen) yet. Why? Well, because I’m not sure it is worth the £5.99 I will have to part with (US$ 9.95 if you are in the US). I know that eventually I will end up updating it because I like having the most updated software and I don’t like being left behind, and also because £5.99 is an amount I allow myself to spend on totally unnecessary things.

The update is only paid for iPod touch users, not for iPhone users, and I don’t really understand that choice. People that have an iPhone 3G will get the most of the update, while people with an iPod touch 2nd gen will get a little less or perhaps the same, and people with an iPod touch 1st gen like me will get a lot less. So really, I don’t think I should pay the same £5.99 that people with an iPod touch 2nd gen will. If I had an iPhone 3G or an iPod touch 2nd gen I wouldn’t be thinking about this, I would have updated it the same day the update came out.

So, what will I get with the update? I’m going to be able to buy audio books and movies using the wi-fi connection of my iPod. I didn’t even know I couldn’t do that before, I knew I could buy music and podcasts, because I do do that, but unfortunately audio books don’t work for me, I’d rather read, and I don’t watch movies on my iPod screen, which I find to small for that, if great for other things. I should really get the cables to connect it to the TV, but I haven’t done that yet. So far, the new feature I mentioned is, then, nothing. Not for me, anyway.

I will also get the landscape keyboard on my emails and notes, which is a nice feature and I would pay £0.39 to have. :) Spotlight Search is the feature I would enjoy the most, and that is worth the price of a good application, say, £1.99. Finally, the copy, cut and paste, which is something that should have been there since the beginning and that I will also appreciate, and would also pay another £0.39 to have. So I would pay £2.77, or, rounding up, £2.99 for the update, gladly.

Those are the main features advertised that are compatible with the first generation of the iPod touch, while Stereo Bluetooth and Peer to Peer Gaming will be available for the second generation and those are really new and cool features, for which I would gladly add the rest of the money (£3.00), but since I’m not getting them, why should I pay for it?

Other features included are parental control, which for now doesn’t do me any good but I get why it is there, automatic wi-fi login which is also really nice although there were (mostly free) applications that did that already, creation of iTunes accounts from the iPod, which is really not something that I will use, now that I already have an account, new languages which are also not a big use for me because the languages I speak and write were already there, push notifications, which is also really nice, third-party game accessories, which once gets into the market could be very cool, although I’m not sure the iPod touch 1st gen will get that.

Also, there will be improvements to Safari, like auto-fill and faster performance, syncing of Notes, which I hope works over Exchange because if it doesn’t will be useless to me too, and the “Shake to Shuffle”, which is something the latest iPod nano already had and although it is cute, it’s no big deal, I don’t see myself using it that much or appreciating it more than touching a button on the screen to do the same.

So, yeah, at the end of the day, I will end up updating my iPod to the new version, but still, I have paid already for the 2.0 update before, which was worth the money because of the Genius and the App Store (without which I would never have bought the iPod touch), and I really would not like to pay again for an update that will get me some new and nice features, but not as many as it really has, and especially, I wouldn’t like to pay the same as the other people who are getting more for it, it just doesn’t sound fair, don’t you think?

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Ha! :) It was worth to wait! I'm finally updating my iPod touch now, to the 3.1 software instead of 3.0, and guess what? It will cost me £2.99!!! :)
Left by Felipe Ceotto on Sep 11, 2009 4:53 PM

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