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I read a pretty interesting article today.... How Microsoft Lost the API War.

I'd have to say a was a little dismayed. Like most of the developers I know, I am currently developing in ASP.NET.  I have probaly been using ASP.NET for the last 2 years or so, before that it was all Windows applications.  I had the opportunity to write some distributed Windows Applications upon the release of Visual Studio .NET, but since then its been all web.  The majority of my skillset lies in SQL databases, middle-tier components, and rich Windows Client Apps.  I don't like writing software for the web, actually I hate doing it! I refused to use Interdev, or ASP for that matter, I hated Interdev, javascript is impossible to debug, and compared to the power and control I had in the Windows App world, there is no comparison. It seems all of the jobs that are out there nowdays are all for building web apps, like the author said, thats where its at now days. 

So, I have kindof enbraced developing web applications, I've increased my skillset by getting alot more on the job experience building web apps, and I'm a highly capable web developer, but I'll tell ya... I'm really just waiting until the development community figures things out. I really want to write windows software!

In my mind this flurry of web development is just a phase, whats the point of having a P4 - 2.8 machine with 512 MB ram to run IM and a browser...  Maybe to play games...  no, not unless you have a super expensive video processor with more ram than your PC!!! Check out my Doom 3 blog to see my feelings there :) Anyways, who knows how this will all turn out in the end. Just thought I'd share my thoughts.... Hope we start utilizing Windows Apps and Web Services in the mainstream soon. With broadband in most places now the framework isnt that bad of a thing to deploy. Till next time... Posted on Friday, August 6, 2004 8:58 PM | Back to top

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