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Recently, on a software development forum, a person who shall remain nameless posted the following


Is there good material available on the net/elsewhere for the following topics?
1. Transitioning an Organisation to Scrum
2. Scrum Team Dynamics
Name Withheld to protect the guilty


Of course one of the first answers the nameless one got was a link to LetMeGoogleThatForYou



Here's a quick checklist to follow before asking geeks of any kind, a broad general question.

My Suggestion, use the checklist


1) google it
2) spend at least 1 hour reading blogs and articles on the subject before bothering another human
3) ask your question in the following form
    a) I am a (position, years and months in positon)
    b) I am trying to accomplish (goal)
    c) What I have done for my research is (spent x hours reading and y hours interviewing relevant people)
    d) What I am (am not) finding in my research is the following
    e) Express curiosity as to what resources you may have missed and request suggestions for your next steps.
4) When you come back after doing all the above, then you can ask almost any question you want.

This checklist is also useful when you are training a new developer.

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