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A couple of months ago I have read the book "Visual Studio Hacks" by James Avery but I have never taken the time to write a small review so here it is.

James is a .NET Architect and has previously written several books for Microsoft press and Wrox and has published several articles on the MSDN Magazin and ASPToday. In his book Visual Studio Hacks he has collected 100 tips and tricks from several Visual Studio experts that show you how to make the Visual Studio IDE even more powerful than it already is. This book has been first published in 2005 thus a lot of the hacks are related to Visual Studio .NET 2003 but there are several hacks for Visual Studio 2005 based on the early beta releases of the product.

I admit that a lot of the so-called "hacks" are things that any experienced Visual Studio IDE user already knows but there are a lot of undocumented features that have know become documented. One of the examples which I will show you is adding guidelines to the Text Editor, which is hack # 10 contributed by Sara Ford. Which I show you here. By the way several other hacks from the book are excerpted here.

So to conclude although most of the hacks in this book are for the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE there are several hacks for Visual Studio 2005 and most hacks for VS.NET 2003 can be used for VS 2005 as well. Taking the price of the book in consideration ($15.27 on Amazon here) I would recommend this book.

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