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Recently I stumbled across a question on about Edulinq. Its a series of blog posts turned at the end into a free eBook. Downloaded to my eBook reader and had a lot of fun in subway.

There where not to much to discover inside of LINQ for me, but it could help a novice to understand the LINQ “magic” and use it efficiently.

Another very important point for me was the test driven approach. You could take this book as a guide for test driven design and development.

Reading this book chapter after chapter you will see how TDD helps you to come to a best API decision when working on a library. It demonstrates that on sometimes you should compromise functionality or performance to increase usability and maintain necessary level of protection.

Every chapter follows the same structure contains a lot of test and productive code, builds on top of the previous and makes a basement for the next one – remembers me the double linked list.

A must to read book for TDD + LINQ fans.


Posted on Monday, August 8, 2011 10:03 PM C# Language , .NET Framework , Coding , Test Driven Development , LINQ | Back to top

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