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OK, you could not have scripted this one better to prove a point.  NetFlix just settled a class-action suit (not admitting any wrong-doing) that complained that their marketing practices were deceptive when they claimed “unlimited movies every month” and “delivery in a day”.  I am shocked that I didn’t pick up on the math when I signed up.  I was certain that I could rent 3 movies at a time and still be able to “theoretically” rent an unlimited number of movies in a month. 


Why didn’t I pick up on that?  Honestly, I thought the only limitation was my own – not wanting to watch 6 hours of movies every other day.


Thank goodness for the lawyers who were only looking out for us when they strong-armed NetFlix into letting me rent 4 movies at a time in a month rather than 3 (only for a month though).  Now the math works! 


Yep, those lawyers did all that for us and only got $2.5 Million for their trouble. 


I believe that I am changing my tune around suing for a software bug.  Who can I sue for the bug in the algorithm that actually output infinity when the real answer was only 30 movies a month?  Clearly, this proves that the courts are better suited to make those types of judgments and if it only costs a couple mill in legal fees – all the better! 

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