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I'm a little late to the WCF bandwagon.  In a past job as instructor and architectural consultant, I used to be the Beta Hound, sniffing out the latest cool technology coming out of Microsoft, downloading it, “playing” with it, then writing or teaching about it.  After a few years of that, especially with the release of .NET, I missed being in the trenches and felt the need to get back to writing some production code.  So I got involved in designing and building into some large, multi-year .NET projects to dig out that true knowledge that only comes from using a technology on a large, complicated real-life application. 

I find that when I am immersed in writing production code to meet deadlines, I slip out of Beta Hound mode into Old Dog mode (can't teach him new tricks).  It's hard to focus on vaporware, no matter how cool and imminent it is, if it isn't going to help me deliver on time.

I am now back in a position that affords me a little more time for forward thinking and tinkering with new technology.  With my main interests being distributed computing, integration, and interoperability, Indigo is the coolest thing to happen in a while and its one of the main technologies I am crunching to catch up on.  Especially since it isn't far from release.  Although a huge step forward, I am finding WCF fairly easy to learn as it builds on or has similarities with all my favorite technologies - .NET Remoting, MSMQ, BizTalk Server, ASP.NET web services, etc.  In fact, the goal is to unify and simplify all these things into a unified whole, and so far I like what WCF does.

All that to say that the MSDN latest article by Aaron Skonnard is an excellent place to start learning WCF:

Posted on Monday, February 6, 2006 7:25 AM SOA , Windows Communication Foundation | Back to top

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