TechEd 2013 - Day 2 Summary

Wow… what another amazing day. I attended two excellent sessions on Day 2 of TechEd: Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Big Data (Hadoop / HDInsights) [Val Fontama and Saptak Sen] and Best Practices for Building Your Strategy for a Private Cloud [Eduardo Kassner].  In the Big Data talk Val and Saptak discussed important considerations for building a predictive analytics environment in general terms, then demonstrated how to build one using Hadoop. It was pretty fascinating. Val presented a sample analytic workflow going through 5 phases: Business Problem, Data Collection and Preparation, Model Development, Model Deployment and Monitoring. Last but not least, Val also presented the common pitfalls in building a predictive analytic environment: Sample Bias, Over-fitting the model, and Poor interpretation.

In the Private Cloud presentation, Eduardo used both cunning remarks and somewhat funny (and welcome) jokes that drove the points home nicely. Eduardo had some really interesting discussion points that present a view of private cloud computing in a different light than the typical vendor/hardware discussion you typically hear. In fact, his presentation was so well constructed, and the available resources online are so well thought out that this might very well be the best presentation on cloud computing I have ever attended. Eduardo presented a Capability Maturity Model that exposes a corporation’s objectives and processes in a way that makes it possible to deliver incremental cloud computing services that make sense for the organization, in a completely cloud vendor agnostic model. If you are interested in learning more, check out the Optimization model from Microsoft here:

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