MS Dynamics CRM Adapter now available on Enzo Unified

I am proud to present our first third party adapter created by Aldo Garcia. With this adapter, you can communicate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online directly from SQL Server Management Studio, and from stored procedures/views/functions. You can also programmatically access MS Dynamics CRM records through this adapter using basic HTTP commands and headers, without the need to download/use/install the Dynamics CRM SDK. This provides a simple, light-weight programmatic environment for both SQL and lightweight clients (such as IoT and mobile devices).

Aldo’s adapter allows you to issue simple SQL EXEC or SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE commands to manage records in MS Dynamics. For example, this command retrieves all the records found in the account table:

SELECT * FROM DynamicsCRM.RetrieveMultiple@account

And this command does the same thing using an EXEC request:

EXEC DynamicsCRM.RetrieveMultiple ‘account’

The SELECT command supports simple WHERE clauses, TOP N, NULL field filters, and ORDER BY operations.

To view how Aldo is able to read/write MS Dynamics data through simple SQL commands, visit his blog post here.

And to see how to use the MS Dynamics adapter to load data in bulk, please visit this blog post.

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