Replicating SharePoint Online Lists to SQL Server

We all know that accessing SharePoint data can be challenging, specifically for SharePoint Online implementations. The SharePoint SDK requires advanced software development knowledge, and SharePoint Online itself lacks the ability to provide advanced reporting. As a result, many organizations are looking for a way to replicate SharePoint data to SQL Server on a regular basis so that business analysts can build advanced reports, and to facilitate general systems integration efforts.

A Webinar showing how this is working in more details will take place on August 9, 2017 at noon (US Eastern Time). To register for this webinar, go to: 

Enzo Unified allows you to easily setup a replication job that will create a duplicate copy of your SharePoint data in SQL Server, and optionally keep changes synchronized on a regular basis (for example every minute). This allows SQL Server to keep a near-time copy of SharePoint Online data for reporting and integration purposes. The steps involved in setting up replication with Enzo Unified have been simplified to a point where anyone with basic knowledge of SQL Server can set up replication and be up and running quickly.

The diagram below shows how users (or systems) can communicate to SharePoint Online directly through Enzo Unified by issuing SQL commands. The SharePoint adapter, hosted by Enzo, allows this direct communication to take place. The Integration adapter uses the SharePoint adapter to communicate to SharePoint online, and create a replica of SharePoint lists. This architecture allows a similar implementation with other hosted systems, such as SalesForce tables for example.


For an overview of how this works and further information, visit this page and take a look at the short video:

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