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Back in March I presented at Qcon 2009 in London which is a great conference. I also was interviewed which is now up on InfoQ. TBH – it isn’t a bad interview yet at the time it felt awful right from the first moment when after agreeing the opening question before the camera rolled, I got asked something completely different :-) Then it went pretty broad :-)

You can watch the video on the InfoQ site which includes a transcript.

The questions I was asked were:

  1. Eric, what's going to be coming up in .NET 4.0 Visual Studio 2010?
  2. You’ve mentioned Visual Basic - there is an impression that I've personally heard in the software development environment that Visual Basic is not really at the same level as languages with curly braces like C# or Java. What's your perspective on that?
  3. You've also mentioned F# as being one of the new in the box languages for .NET 4.0. Is that also a part of the co-evolution? Is it going to start off with the same feature set?
  4. What would you like to see in future versions of .NET beyond 4.0? Where do you think the focus should lie?
  5. You mentioned the Parallel library, which is upcoming in .NET 4.0. Can you describe that more detailed?
  6. One of the other things which you mentioned is Parallel and there is also the existing LINQ. Is there a way to combine the 2 of those?
  7. You've mentioned F# as an upcoming language, the inclusion of VB.NET and C#. You've only had a brief mention of C++. Is that losing its focus?
  8. What exactly is Cloud Computing?
  9. Can you tell us a little bit more about Azure?
  10. How does Azure compare against other Cloud offerings that are in the marketplace, such as the Amazons, for instance?


Posted on Monday, June 8, 2009 6:46 AM Visual Basic , .NET 4.0 , UK , Cloud Computing | Back to top

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