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DSC01218This is the first vacation we have had in 3 years and 9 months.  Our last vacation was our honeymoon.  Brandon just celebrated his 3rd birthday on Monday, so you can do the  math on why we haven't had a vacation.  Not only the math, but after Brandon turned one, John and I started working for AJI Software full-time and once you are your own boss, it is hard to give yourself time off.

This week, we traveled to Newport Beach, CA with my parents where we are taking a break.  My dad had a conference out here so he doesn't really have too much time off, but it was a perfect opportunity to take Brandon to Disneyland and give him our 100% attention before the baby girl comes this June.  (Think this is my first announcement)

Yesterday, we attended the Disneyland theme park and had a blast.  Today we visited the Disney's California Adventure theme park (I suggest you purchase the Hopper passes as you can go between parks) and it was a lot of fun too. Disneyland is definitely dated, but still fun.  The small world ride was down for repair which sucked, but we found plenty of other rides that Brandon could enjoy.  California Adventure is definitely designed for the older kid, but the Bugs Life area is amazing.  All the rides were for Brandon and other kids his age.  I want to thank Hiep (developer from KC) who told me to go straight to the Bug's Life part right when it opens because there were just a handful of little kids there and Brandon could get on the rides with Michelle (I don't do rides) just by walking up, no real waiting.  Even the theatre was empty at 10am with the 3D show. 

Tonight we are going back to check out the Electric Parade and tomorrow is up in the air on what we do, but so far Disney is awesome. 

One thing that totally sucked.  DO NOT PARK IN PUMBAA PARKING.  It is such a con.  They turn on these huge signs and block two of the three lanes of traffic to get you to park in this lot.  The problem is that this lot is not attached to the park, you have to walk along the side of the road for a mile with small children, and there is no shuttle.  I felt duped.  I can't believe they charge you the same price and the lot next to the park with shuttle access.

Check out our photos here.

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Congratulations on the second child Jeff. 4 years difference is perfect. I have 2 myself (boy + girl) that I love to death.
Left by Aaron Kowall on Feb 15, 2008 10:40 PM

# re: California | Julian family goes to Disneyland and California Adventures
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Did you get to go to the Nemo ride in the submarine? I went in July and the line was long, but definitely worth the wait. I can't believe how expensive both parks are getting nowadays. I think going once is enough.
Good luck with the two little ones. My brother and I are about the same age apart, except I am the older one. It's a good mix to have one of each sex.
Left by Becky Isserman on Feb 18, 2008 11:00 AM

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