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I forgot to post this from a while ago…but I still want to rant…

I read this post and couldn't help think about my flight experience last week. My family, which includes three kids between 4 and 8, were flying to Newark via AirTran. We arrived at the airport slightly late (but not that late); we didn't think to ask the TSA to let us skip to the head of the line and consequently after an hour in line, we finally made it through. It was 9:05 for a 9:20 flight. We went to get on the train to get to Concourse C. And, the train was broken… So, with all our stuff for three kids—and the three kids, we ran all the way. My wife and I taking turns to carry the kids at one point or another. We got to the gate at exactly 9:20 with 3 other people. The gate agent couldn't care less that the train was broken or that I just looked like I'd taken a shower. The plane was at the gate, they just wouldn't let any of us on the plane.

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For some airlines this is a convenient excuse when they've overbooked a flight, and it's full to the brim, so they don't want to admit that they're at capacity and give you anything free. At least in that circumstance they'll generally get you on the next flight.
Left by Lorin Thwaits on Aug 31, 2007 11:38 AM

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