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I was looking at Refletor addins the other day and ran across one that would be an amazing time saver. 

Its an addin that generates the Reflection.Emit code!

Anyone who has ever spent any time with the Reflection.Emit namespace should immediately realize how wonderful this tool has the potential to be (as long as the generated code is of good quality of course).

Also, the way integrates with Reflector is pretty slick.  It adds a "Reflection.Emit" choice in the list of languages you want Reflection to display the code in.  Then, in the left pane,when you click a module, class, method, property, whatever, it displays the Reflection.Emit code in the right pane that you would have to write to generate the thing you clicked on.

Simple...and amazing!

I recently spent 6 days writing Reflection.Emit code to generate two fairly complex methods.  2 days each for writing the code, and 1 day each for debugging it and making it actually work.  I probably could have cut that down to 1 to 2 days using this tool.

I haven't yet compared the addin's generated Reflection Emit code to the code i've written manually to validate its quality, but just playing around with it, the generated code looks pretty good.

It can be found here:
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