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John Conwell: aka Turbo Research in the visual exploration of data June 2010 Entries
Why is my laptop so sluggish? Or Damn You Facebook and Twitter! Or All Hail Chrome!
In the past three weeks, I've noticed that my laptop (dual core 2.1GHz, 2Gb RAM) has become amazingly sluggish. I only uses for communications and data lookup workflows, so the slowness was tolerable. But today I finally got fed up with the suckyness and decided to get to the root of the problem (I do have strong performance roots after all). It actually didn't take all that long to figure it out. About a year ago I converted to Google Chrome (away from FireFox). One of the great tools Chrome has ......

Posted On Monday, June 7, 2010 9:06 AM

Win7 is not a tablet OS, no matter what the boys in Redmond think.
Despite what execs at Microsoft think, Windows 7 is NOT a tablet OS. Just because you can install some software (or OS) on a device, doesn't mean that device is meant to run that software. This seems to be the step that the non-engineer execs at Microsoft have seem to not understood. In order to seamlessly work with a device, the software needs to be designed with that device in mind. That has been the problem with the Windows PDA platform, the Windows Mobil platform, and now with trying to force ......

Posted On Tuesday, June 1, 2010 9:21 AM

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