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Okay, I want to talk about this USC vs. Sugar Bowl issue. Michael Flanakin already talked a bit about it here but I thought I would post also since my thoughts are a little to weighty for a comment.

The Problem. Reaching the end of the football season only to find out there is not a true college football champion.

The Cause. The reliance on technology in order to determine “the best football team“ in the country can sometimes lead to a false/unreliable “#1 rating“. I believe this is a prime example of mis-applying technology to a problem that it is not suited to solve. I strongly believe that you can't write an equation to determine a concept such as “the best football team“. In football, a lot of qualities are subjective, not objective. Trying to apply an objective solution to a subjective problem will always lead to failure. I don't think that technology that applies subjective thinking patterns (i.e. Artificial Intelligence), is in a place to apply to real-world problems (whether you think the “Best Football Team“ issue is even a “Real-World“ problem is a whole different ball of ear wax). Now, I will concede that technology might be in a place in the academic realm to start applying it to subjective problems.

The Solution. I think perhaps the best solution is a playoff system. Professional sports use it, college basketball uses it, even NAIA football uses it, as well as NCAA division 3 football. Granted, there are issues with a playoff system, but I think most of the problems exist in the “seeding teams into brackets“-realm. But even considering those shortcomings, at least we can end the season knowing who the best football team in the county is.

“What? You think your team should be the best in the nation? Sorry, they lost in the quarterfinals. You say they had a bad day? Too Bad! 'Best' doesn't just mean most talented, it means the 'best' in performance. Obviously your team isn't the best in performance because they lost concentration for one day.“

Obviously, all of these feelings come from the whole USC fiasco this year. I think there is absolutely no excuse for a team finishing #1 in both human polls and NOT playing in the national championship game. In closing, I think the BCS is an imperfect system. Could it be better? Of course. Should we make it better? Of course. Should we stick with it? I don't think so. I think as soon as the contract is up, it is time to cut our losses and go to a playoff system. It comes down to asking one's self “Is this the best solution“? When applied to the BCS question, I can't imagine how anyone could honestly say to themselves that the BCS IS the best solution.


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+1 for college football playoffs :)
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