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While I am on a roll I just want to touch on bowl games.

Why are there more bowl games than there are cereals at Safeway? I think it is a waste that teams finishing with a “barely-.500” winning percentage can make it into a bowl game. One of the last games I want to watch is “number 36 vs number 42” in the nation. I'm tired of flipping channels during the holiday and seeing a “Who's Your Momma“ Bowl, a “I Love My Doggy” Bowl, and a “The San Francisco Treat” Bowl. You know the “industry” is in bad shape when there are more football Bowl games than there are “Joe Schmoe” / “Bachelor” / “Survivor Series” knock-offs. There are more football bowls than the number of weight-loss programs, get-rich-quick schemes, and food processors combined. Now THAT is pitiful!

[Update: Just heard a commercial on the radio that made me laugh. It was talking about all the things that happen that remind you that it is the Christmas season. One of the events was, and I quote, “a never-ending stream of obscure bowl games”. Ha! Bingo!]

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