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Since Rich mentioned me recognizing the true power of the .NET gods at the last Nerd Dinner, I feel as though I should explain what he is talking about (that, and I promised him I would :P).

As you can see from my last post, I have been feeling a bit rebellious lately. I have been getting into Ruby, Python, and many other non-Microsoft technologies lately and loving it. To be sure, I have gotten no end of poo from Rory about this. But I never expected that Rory would stoop to whipping out some bad voodoo mumbo-jumbo out on me. I for one, am glad that he didn't stay at the Nerd Dinner long enough to see what happened to me (which only makes me more suspicious of him and his ulterior motives for leaving (but that's a WHOLE 'nother story)).

To explain what happened:

All throughout the Nerd Dinner, Rory had been teasing me about being such things as a “Benedict Arnold”, and a “Cheating, Rotund, Fat, Abusive, Wilder beast” (okay, maybe not the last one). I got the bright idea to show Rich exactly what I was talking about with how cool Ruby on Rails is. Well, boy was that a bad decision. The second I started up the integrated WebBRICK server (and I mean the *second* I started it up), I re-injured my knee (don't ask) and I got suddenly light headed and felt like I was going to spew in the middle of the food court.

Possibly the worst part of needing to hurl in the middle of a mall's food court is that since I injured my knee, I couldn't walk to the bathroom (or even hop for that matter). So, the other nerds were kind enough to drag over the nearest trash receptacle to my side. That was an embarrassing moment, I tell you. There's no better feeling in the world then to be hunched over a food court trash receptacle feeling like you're going to hurl in front of all your friends (and a butt-load of strangers, mind you). Luckily, the hurling sensation passed and I felt better (thanks to all the nerds who came to my aid). Unluckily, I did re-injure my knee which meant my wife had to drive from several cities away to pick me up.

On the bright side (yes, there was a “bright side”; albeit a limited bright side; the fact that there was even a bright side at all was drilled into my brain by the action of Rich whistling the Monty Python song “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life”), I got to drive around the mall in one of those motorized wheel chair thingy-ma-jiggers (you know, the ones that all the old or fat people drive). Unfortunately, this only accentuated my feeling that I'm grossly over-weight and embarrassed to be out in public. I could only imagine the look on Rory's face if he would have been there for all of this. Then again, I *DO* think that it was ultimately caused by Rory anyways (so, inevitably, I believe he did indeed so it after all).

You know, as fun as it was riding around in a “fat/old mobile” and nearly hurling into a trash receptacle in the middle of a mall food court, I would live a totally happy and content life if it never happened to me again. EVER! 

Posted on Friday, April 22, 2005 6:48 PM | Back to top

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# re: Rory and the Big Bad Voodoo Machine
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That's what you get for straying from "the path" .... muahahah.
Left by Ben Scheirman on Apr 25, 2005 3:34 PM

# Java, Ruby, Python, Apache, RedHat caps and the rest...
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I've already written a post on the corporate blog about people using Unix and OSS: and...
Left by Daniele Muscetta's WebLog on Apr 28, 2005 8:49 AM

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