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Interesting. All power point reading, but interesting nonetheless. I just hope there is some "meat" to some of these talks rather than just power point, power point, and more power point. I must take this opportunity to say that after seeing Scott Hanselman talk so many times, I'm an absolute spoiled brat when it comes to presentations. I find that I'm very picky about good presentations and certain things (like power point reading) annoy me greatly. At least there's some content here though.

One thing I find especially interesting is how specialized DirectX is becoming. What I mean by that is how many DirectX elements are becoming deprecated. From the sounds of it, DirectX is basically being wittled down to Direct3D and DirectSound. Here are the state of the other APIs that I know of:

1) DirectDraw - Deprecated

2) DirectMusic - Deprecated

3) DirectPlay - Deprecated

4) DirectShow - Not recommended for game development

5) DirectInput - Although it is not officially deprecated, it is highly recommended to simply use the Windows hooks instead of DirectInput.

I have a feeling there will be many interesting issues I will see in the next day or two regarding the direction that DirectX is heading.

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2005 6:00 PM Game Development | Back to top

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