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What has probably been obvious to most of you out there is that I have been posting very infrequently lately. Part of it was because of a serious addiction that was caused by someone else. Another part of it was just my funk I get into every once in a while. You see, a couple of times a year I get into a downer where I don't do anything and totally withdraw into my cave as a hermit. Of course, it doesn't help when the cave you withdraw into has a stash like the one I had in it.

So, now I appear to be coming out of my doldrums which is a good thing. Unfortunately, this latest round lasted a lot longer than it has in the past. Hence, I have lost touch with a bunch of friends that I need to see again in order to start feeling somewhat normal. So, I guess it's time for me to get off my rear and start attending Padnug and Nerd Dinners again (I'm sure it's been somewhat quiet without me since I tend to be the loud one (my volume is directly proportional to my size)).

What does this mean for any of you out there? Probably absolutely nothing. I'm not going to say that any of my past projects are going to be picked up again or not. After all, I'm a roamer or wanderer. I do some to learn something from it. And as soon as I have learned it, I lose interest and move on to the next project. That's just the way I am. However, I would like to move BooM to VC# Express 2005. Although I have no current plans to revive the articles (it really depends on whether I am going to have the time to do it or not and still live a peaceful life).

I hate stress, and I induce it on myself way too much. So, perhaps if I avoid that this time around, I can go longer without getting burned out. I'm not like some other people I know that can do everything under the sun, meet all their deadlines and commitments, and still find the time to save kittens out of local neighborhood trees (although I'm of the ilk to believe that these people are actually extra-terrestrial beings (aka Aliens) who don't need to sleep and hence have an extra 6-10 hours everyday that *humans* don't have in which to get things done).

Well, hopefully you will actually see some blogging from me now. My blog hasn't died completely yet (although it's come close a couple times). I have no intention of letting it die anytime soon either (which brings up another point: on some of these community sites (like GWB (just for example)), have you noticed how many blogs there are with only one or two posts? Perhaps, that means that I'm actually already ahead of the game in some regards (or maybe it just means that I have more time on my hands to blog than other people do because they are actually responsible human beings)).

l8r (<--- hehe, l337 speak I learned in WoW, =P)

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2005 10:11 PM | Back to top

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