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For those of you that semi-regularly follow this blog, you may or may not have noticed that I've really been getting into OS Development lately. Of course, the first step is brushing up on x86 assembly language. Outside of that, it's a lot of Research, Research, Research, and more Research. Heck, even if it's not research, I just finished the book "Just For Fun", about Linus Torvalds (very enjoyable read, IMO).

One of the specific topics that has really excited me is the Virtual Machine Monitor architecture (type of Exokernel, Hypervisor, etc.). I figured I would take this opportunity to link out to a bunch of resources that I have found interesting as I read up on this topic (you'll find that every single one of these points to Wikipedia; I'm finding that I use Wikipedia MORE and MORE when doing research; I LOVE it!).

Enjoy :).

Now I just have to see what it would take to get a hold of a box with one of the new Intel VT or AMD chips :). Yum!!!

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