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Images being requested twice from the server
*taptaptap* Is this thing on? I ran into an interesting bug recently, where you would get 2 identical requests to the page you were visiting. I wasn't sure where this was coming from, so I poked around a bit. It turns out that having an <img /> tag on a page with an empty src attribute (like so: <img src="" />) causes that image tag to point to the containing page, causing the entire page to get requested again (causing any server-side code you may have to get executed again), but the ......

Posted On Monday, July 13, 2009 9:55 AM

Retrieivng data from XML inside SQL
Recently I had to retrieve some data from SQL that was tucked away inside XML. We have a “Settings” class inside our application that is a bunch of public properties, which we then serialize to XML to store inside the DB. This lets us easily add/remove fields to store without having to modify the database. This can be a problem if you need to access those one of those field values from within SQL, but SQL 2005 provides some methods to do this (note that your data column must be the xml ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 3, 2006 1:07 PM

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