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"Sony's attempt at protecting its music cds from piracy has turned into a tale of security woes that has quickly gone from bad to worse. New software on several of the company's cds installs a copy protection rootkit on a user's PC once the license agreement on the disc is accepted. Virus writers jumped on the fact that Sony's rootkit hides itself on users' computers, and a few Trojan horses have been released that piggyback on the software, effectively hiding from antivirus software"

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OK, I may be biased, but it is clear to me that anyone who has the ability to engage in "dark side" coding won't be needing the help of a bunch of DDK MVPs on NTDEV. The people that ask questions about doing illegal/immoral/wrong things on NTDEV often don't know what they're doing, and giving them hacks as solutions will destabilize all of our PCs (and jobs).

Giving a power tool to a child is never wise, regardless of what you happen to think about whether more mature engineers should be able to color outside the lines.
Left by Steve Dispensa on Nov 14, 2005 7:42 PM

# re: In search of stupidity
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I agree with you steve, that the efforts of the MVPs are always to guide the community to write stable and reliable drivers & and also to keep them away from doing anything which will make the os unstable.

And someone who is trying to write a hack will find it one way or the another.

I was foolish when I thought nobody except my friends wud read this blog. I need to be more 'responsible'. I have removed those dark texts written without an afterthought.
Left by Sreejith S on Nov 15, 2005 3:39 AM

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