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After reading Martin Fowler's recently published essay on Domain Specific Languages (DSL's) I realized that in fact we already use some sort of DSL's in our project (although we call it simply configuration). It's also true that using external DSL's (in our case in form of XML files) makes it harder for refactoring and debugging. But on the other hand makes the whole application a lot more adaptable. This quote about Adaptive Object Models sums it up nicely:

Experience so far indicates that they allow people familiar with the adaptive model to be extremely productive once the model is developed and shaken down. The dark side is that such models are often very difficult for new people to understand.

We need to make some custom tools to make the editing easier. I definitively need to take a closer look at the Micosoft Tools for Domain Specific Languages. Did anyone already played with that?

I also plan to evaluate IronPython and maybe do some benchmarks (comparing with other scirpting languages for .NET).

Posted on Monday, June 13, 2005 11:44 PM Development | Back to top

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