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I've been playing Guild Wars for the last week. I'm truly fascinated by this game. At the basic level it's a fantasy role playing game (that is you are assigned quests or tasks to perform while the character you control gains experience and evolves). It reminds me of such great titles like Gothic, Neverwinter Nights or last year's Fable.

But it differers from the above-mentioned by that it's also an online game that you can play with other people from around the world. This adds a whole new dimension to the game . I'm not bored doing any mission again and again because thanks to human factor each time is different. And playing with living people is great fun too. I already made some friends in over there. 

However you should be aware that it's not a truly MORPG game - the word massive doesn't apply at all. You meet with other players only in cities but for the mission you go only with your team. This means that you are safe from malicious users that could spoil your play and can concentrate more on the quest. There are also some Player vs Player modes where you fight with other gamers on the arena but I haven't tried that yet. For now I enjoy discovering this wonderful world.

I strongly recommend this game to every geeks who wants to spend countless hours in front of his PC. And if you do start playing look for Samuel Korwarth so we can do together a mission or two.

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