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Usually I don't write about my current employer or work, but I think this time it deserves to make an exception. You read already it in the title: I work now on The Collective Molecular Environment (C-ME) for The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

If you are following the news on Windows Vista or WPF you have probably seen this application already (the screen on the right might remind it to you). The Scripps Research Institute is a biomedical research organization that is trying to find a cure for cancer and make cancer a managed disease. Scientist wanted a better way to organize and share the research information. To answer these needs InterKnowlogy developed application that uses .NET 3.0 Windows Presentation Foundation and Office 2007 SharePoint to visualize and annotate research results.

You can watch a short video about the project that Microsoft produced. This was also the only third-party application shown by Steve Ballmer during Windows Vista and Office 2007 lunch event (the demo it's just after 30 minutes in it). And for some technical details I recommend the video interview with Tim Huckaby and Dr. Peter Kuhn on Channel 9. There is much more on the project site.

In the beginning of February Stephen Forte posted a Call for Developers to participate in the Scripps project on his blog (big thanks for Tad for forwarding it to me):

"Do you believe that software can change the world? How about the opportunity to work on an application that promises to help accelerate a cure for cancer?"

(Later I've learned that this was a joined initiative of Stephen, Tim Huckaby, and Eileen Rumwell.)

After watching all this stuff and hearing all the buzz with this project I was really excited to join the team. I've sent my resume... and a week later I got response from Tim Huckaby that I was accepted. I just couldn't believe it!

Altogether four developers were selected from all around the world. I have the pleasure to work with Haaron (Mexico), Rania (Egypt) and Kandaiya G (India), as well as great people from InterKnowlogy (San Diego, California): Kevin, Russ, Dan and Tim.

So right now we are working on the next version of C-ME. The team is communicating remotely using IM, email and telephone (and we use TFS if anyone cares to ask). Each of us was assigned a specific task to build during this month. We are using cutting edge technologies like Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007. So it's a lot of new stuff to learn.

My first task is to add support for discussion annotations to the viewer application. The application already supports File, Note, Url and Screen Capture annotations and they are all stored in SharePoint site for given entity. The new type I'm adding will be using the Discussion Board lists in SharePoint but it renders the whole discussion desktop application using WPF (and bit of HTML).

Of course, I will keep you updated on our progress during this month.

(Actually you can read first post on accessing discussion lists from SharePoint already.)

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