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Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by receiving email from David Silverlight that I had won 4th prize in Community Credit October 2008 Contest. The prize I won is the awesome Electronic Drum-Kit T-Shirt that you can hit with your finder to play drum sounds. I think it would totally rock combined with the Equalizer T-Shirt I got from my lovely wife some time ago.

The Community Credit awards are presented for community related activities that you submit during a month. For each activity you receive a certain amount of points. I knew about the contest for about a year, but I assumed it is only for uber-geeks and far above my reach. Only recently I was encouraged by Karl Shifflet and started adding my points. This award proves, I was totally wrong. The best part is that you are probably already doing the activities that could earn you credit like blogging, speaking, answering forum questions, and helping your user group. So why not give yourself some credit and win these cool prizes, huh?

Here is what I did last month:

  • From October 8th to 9th I was at the MTS 2008 Conference in Warsaw, where I did a session about “Building Line Of Business Applications in WPF” (you can find the slides here). I was also manning the user groups booth for few hours. That’s 12,000 points.

Speaking at MTS 2008

  • This month our group had very special guests: Tim Huckaby & Carl Franklin stopped for two days in Cracow on their way from SDC in Amsterdam to DevReach in Sophia. They made a fantastic performance for our group on October 10th. That’s 17,250 points for organizing this event and inviting top speakers.


  • We also had two regular UG meetings (on October 1st and October 29th). I’m usually in charge of scheduling speakers, making announcements and doing raffles (there are no points only for being the UG leader – you need to actually do something). That’s another 17,000 points total.

Marcin Celej's MVP cake

(During October 1st meeting we celebrated Marcin Celej’s MVP nomination)

  • Last Thursday (October 30th) I traveled to UG in Poznan to speak about “Composite Application Guidance for WPF” and other stuff (get the slides here). I really enjoyed this meeting, and I’m glad I finally got there despite the long travel (7 hours by train). From the feedback I reckon my friends liked it too. That’s 6,300 points.
  • I wasn’t very active online this month, but I published a code sample of using the Touchless SDK in WPF (and I will be contributing more to this project very soon). That’s 8,000 points.

I ended up with 60,550 total but October was pretty busy for me anyway. But even if I did only a half of the stuff above, it would secure me one of the prizes (the lowest winning score was 30,000 points). Congratulations to other current and past winners.

So don’t wait anymore: go check the cool prizes for this month and start adding your points now!

Speaking of community awards, I also like to mention the idea of the Most Valuable Member Awards invented by James Johnson from Inland Empire .NET UG.  This program gives recognition to most active user group members, with the goal to increase member’s participation and involvement. I plan to introduce this to our .NET user group in Cracow, so if any sponsors are reading this and would like to help please contact me.

Now let’s see: Writing a blog posts is worth 500 points, plus 5000 for linking to Community Credit, that’s already 5,500 points closer to this month’s Handpresso Portable Espresso Maker :-)

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# re: Won 4th prize in Community Credit October 2008 Contest
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Witaj, dziś na spotkaniu byłem na Twojej prezentacji, wcześniej widziałem Cię chyba na spotkaniu, ale caly czas miałem wrażenie że już wcześniej Cię gdzieś spotkałem. No i po historii z pociągiem do Krakowa wyjaśniło się - przez jakiś czas studiowaliśmy w tym samym budynku II.UJ (ja byłem 1996-2001). Tak więc tym bardziej serdecznie pozdrawiam.
Prezentacja podobała mi się, masz talent przemawiania do programistów. Co prawda temat WPF nie jest mi zbyt bliski, ale za to Coding 4 Fun było po prostu piękne :)

Left by RafalG on Nov 13, 2008 10:32 PM

# re: Won 4th prize in Community Credit October 2008 Contest
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Hej Rafał,
Zgadza się, ja zacząłem studia na UI rok później. Ehh, to były czasy... :-)

Bardzo się cieszę, że moja prezentacja Ci się podobała. Wiem że temat być może jest trudny dla kogoś kto nie zajmuje się na codzień WPF-em, ale wydaje mi się że wzorce które pokazałem będą przydatne również w innych sytuacjach.

Co do C4F to mam nadzieję że niebawem będę mógł pokazać jeszcze więcej takich fajnych zabawek.

Do zobaczenia,
Left by Szymon on Nov 14, 2008 12:09 PM

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