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So to make the Microsoft Certification program more complete they now added a new title MCM Microsoft Certified Master.
Though there isn't a lot of information about it yet i see there will be 5 specialisations

MCM Exchange Server 2007
MCM SQL Server 2008
MCM Windows 2008
MCM OCS 2007 ?? (just guessing on the info i found)
MCM Sharepoint ?? (also just guessing)

For the people that already know the MCA program, this seems to become (the technically) part of it.
In the next weeks there will be more info to find on the Microsoft site.

Whatch the following site

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Better to get your degree for the same money. Even CCIE's are underpaid considering the trouble, this will end worse with $20K as the pricetag. Expect less than 5000 MCM's in the world as most companies won't spend this much on any employee. This is a plan doomed to failure, I.T. is not a rich man's career anymore. Wake up Microsoft, this will fail!!!!!
Left by ioniancat21 on Jun 21, 2008 8:38 PM

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