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Charlie Wood has been working on synching his Google calendar data with his account. This is an interesting project. Despite its early age, I thought this a good test for RSSBus. I decided to start with moving Google Calendar events to my account.

First, RSSBus already has a set of GoogleOps, including a googleCalendarSearch operation that lets me get the details of calendar events in my Google account.

The next step: adding events to The currently shipping RSSBus does have an sforceQuery operation that gives me all the details of my Events. It uses an sf namespace prefix so that each item in the feed contains details like the event recurrence, subject, description, starttime, etc. But...Sforce ops does not have any Events operations for adding, deleting, and updating. So, before I could start I had to actually create a new operation to do this. That didn't take long thanks to the fact that the original author of the Sforce operations had already written all the core code and all I needed to do was lay on top the specific details of the "Event" object. Just like that I had an sforceEvent operation that could retrieve, create, modify, and delete events in my account. Easy breezey.

Off topic for just a second: Maybe Adam Kalsey will make Feed Crier understand some of the common syndication extensions like media, itunes, and itms. Or maybe he'll let his users customize their feeds to look for specific namespaces - like the sf namespace used by my Sforce operation feeds.

Ok, now back to the point. The final step was to create a script or template that could "glue" together my new sforceEvent operation with the existing googleCalendarSearch operation. First I call the googleCalendarSearch operation, and for each result I turn around and call the sforceEvent add operation. Voila, I'm done.

The new Sforce ops like Event will be in the next RSSBus update. If you can't wait, or if you'd like to see the GoogleToSalesForce template that I created - send me an email and I'll send the operation and template your way.

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Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 5:39 PM Programming , Software | Back to top

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# Feed crier
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> Maybe Adam Kalsey will make Feed Crier understand
>some of the common syndication extensions

Perhaps, but I'm not convinced of their value to Feed Crier. Right now I'm just trying to make it the best way to get instant update notifications. As I watch how it's used, that may evolve over time. But right now, I don't see Feed Crier being a general-purpose feed reader, and I'm not sure that anyone would want to consume media (podcasts, enclosures, whatever) using an IM client.

> Or maybe he'll let his users customize their
> feeds to look for specific namespaces

That's a little too geeky. Feed Crier is aimed at a different market. I'm working to make it useful to anyone at all, no understand of feeds, XML, or namespaces.

Besides, if someone knows enough about this stuff to want to configure custom namespaces, I'd bet they'd be just fine with writing a transformation to stuff the contents of those namespaced elements into the title or description instead.
Left by Adam Kalsey on Aug 24, 2006 6:44 PM

# re: Google Calendar to SalesForce Event
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Hi Lance! I came across your blog when I did a quick Google search for this exact solution. I'm new at my company and have been appointed the SF Admin (lucky me) and I'm trying to find ways to track my sales teams activities through Salesforce. The problem is they don't always create events but instead just put them in their Google Calendar.

Were you successful and enabling SF to sync with Google Calendar? Can you give me any more information on this?

I really appreciate it, thanks!
Left by Lindsay on Feb 02, 2012 12:34 PM

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