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Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft) Diary of a Code Trotter
I took the time today to install the June CTP of .NET 3.0 (see the checklist hereunder). It went rather well, and I didn't have major problems, but it takes a long time... well, when you do it on the balcony with your kids playing in the pool, it's not that terrible, is it? ;-)
Update: My WPF demo now works with the June CTP.
Uninstall May CTP edition:
  1. Pre-released WinFX Runtime Components Uninstall Tool
  2. Download and run Uninstall tool
  3. Removed Debug tools for Windows
  4. Removed Atlas
  5. Removed FxCop
  6. Removed Web Application project add-in
  7. Removed Windows SDK
  8. Removed WIC
.NET 3.0:
  1. Install WinFX Runtime components June CTP
  2. Install WinSDK June CTP
  3. Install MSDN 2005 (from CD)
  4. Install Orcas development tools June CTP
  5. Reinstall WIC
  1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 - Update to Support Web Application Projects
  2. Install Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects
  3. Download Atlas
  4. Install AtlasSetup.msi
  5. Install AtlasDocumentation.msi
  6. Install AtlasSample.msi
  7. Install AtlasToolkit
Posted on Sunday, July 2, 2006 11:57 AM Technical stuff , .NET , WPF , WCF | Back to top

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