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It's been over two weeks since my last post.. Life's been hectic... 'nuff said.

As I've been researching different languages/methodologies/software, one thing has begun to bubble up over and over again: do we NEED another Whatever Oriented Development/Design/Programming/Architecture thing? Let me just list a few of the ones I have encountered in the last month:

Well, I may have made a few of the last ones up, but the point remains: doesn't this list seem excessively long? Maybe I'm just pissed because I don't understand all the deferent ODDPAs. Maybe I'm just confused by all the acronyms.

The problem for me (and maybe for others) is I don't know whether these are competing or complementary or independent technologies. Should I spend a little time researching the merits of Object Oriented Programming over Aspect Oriented Programming? Should I compare and contrast Agile Model Driven Development and Domain Driven Design? Or could they all be completely different technologies that solve completely different problems? Isn't there enough FUD out there?

Now, I'm not bashing the folks who champion these different technologies/methodologies/architectures. We just all need to decide on some nomenclature and stick with it. Should it be Aspect Oriented Programming or Aspect Oriented Design or Aspect Oriented Architecture?

Software development (and especially architecture) is largely centered around picking the best tools for the job, and sometimes it takes a few hours of reading before you can tell whether you're comparing apples and oranges. Maybe I'll task myself with putting together the comprehensive list of technologies so that people can compare competing technologies to each other and decide whether some new thing complements another.

Am I just being an Over Sensitive Driven Developer/Architect?



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Don't forget about Wild Theory Driven Development...
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