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Today was the first day of the Agile .NET Boot Camp in Austin, TX. The class is a blast. Jeffrey Palermo knows his schist. Today covered lots of stuff I have already worked with: TortoiseSVN, TDD, CCTray, etc. There were also some things that I had not worked with before, like Story Boards, and Team Estimation. Overall, it is just what they promised. We are working as a team in a way that a team might work in the real world.

Today, we set up the Team Project, it’s a basic issue tracking system. It uses the ASP.NET MVC framework. It is (intentionally) not complete and we started estimating with not much of a glimpse at the code base at all. Surprisingly, our estimates were not as bad as would’ve guessed, given our lack of exposure to the code.

Team estimation was very interesting as was dividing up the tasks for the stories. I am definitely starting a story board at my work for our big project coming up. Then, we pair-programmed the tasks. At the end of the day we finished the iteration (a little early!) and we talked about what’s on for tomorrow.


Tomorrow, we will talk more about Domain Driven Design, IoC containers (StructureMap) and  NHibernate. I am excited also to learn about creating custom build files to run tests, code coverage, etc. through CCNet and NAnt.

After class, a friend of mine, Brian Laird, introduced me (via email) to Dan Drown from DataPipe who lives here in Austin. Dan came by my hotel and we took a cruise around Austin. It is quite a beautiful city. Generally, it seems that capitol cities tend to have very little to offer in the way of lifestyle. That is definitely not the case with Austin.

We drove downtown and saw the capitol building (really bad picture) and we even tried to stop at one place to grab a beer, but it closed at 10:00 (not a late night city evidently).

hillary-ousI also got a picture of a car in the hotel parking lot this morning of a Texas state official’s car with a “Hillary for President” bumper sticker. I found that Hillary-ous and thought I’d share. :0)

I look forward to tomorrow.





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# Welcome to Austin
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Glad you enjoyed your trip to Austin!
Left by Dan on Jun 22, 2008 1:19 AM

# re: First Day in Austin.. In The Bag
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You were instrumental in helping me enjoy Austin. Thanks for the tour!
Left by Lee Brandt on Jun 24, 2008 1:06 AM

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