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crescent_wrench I see a lot of talk online about this tool being better than that tool. It may sound obvious, but the tools do NOT make the developer. A tool is only a tool. If I gave my mother the best set of Snap-On tools that money could buy, she still wouldn’t be able to change her own oil. On the other hand, if you gave my cousin Scotty a crescent wrench from Wal-Mart, he could probably rebuild a short block 350 in a weekend.

Again, this may sound obvious, but the tools are only a way to help a good developer get the job done easier. A more inexperienced developer may even have MORE trouble with a good tool. I think that some people believe that the right tool will help a less experienced developer do things right. Generally, they just make it easier for him to turn a 300-line program into a 3000-line program.

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 8:52 PM Rants | Back to top

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Amen brother
Left by Robz on Jul 10, 2009 10:43 PM

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