MVC kicks A$$

I have been working on the domain builder but still reading articles and blogs. While I still love the idea and the concepts, the MVC presentations are really slick. I think that I am going to change direction just slightly and focus on the MVC pattern from Microsoft.

I still plan on having CSLA and NHibernate talking together. I just read another article on Ayende's site about having NHibernate using LINQ. I will explore this further as well, but right now my focus is getting the MVC pattern talking to CSLA. This will provide a quick way of seeing and consuming the business objects while still providing a rich business layer. The CSLA layer will then talk to NHibernate through LINQ and call the database as configured.

This change will then require the project to be framework 3.5 rather than 2.0, but this is a sacrifice that I am willing to look into. Until I write again, happy coding.

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