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It is with great heartache that I updated the progress of Domain Builder.  It seems as though the Domain Builder project might be meeting an untimely death.  While I still have great pride and joy in the progress made thus far, I have been working with the new MVC Toolkit bits from Microsoft and the areas that they are moving forward on.  These tools are already tackling several of the areas that I was looking into.  Instead of being responsible for a framework, I can again focus on the business problems at hand.

These technologies rock!!!  The DynamicData website project absolutely makes quick work of making down and dirty CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations out of the database.  This is great from the perspective that it creates a quick site but allows you to customize it to your liking.  Just like what I wanted to do, so why waste my time trying.  Let's learn new Microsoft tools.

Next, I did a quick look into the MVC (Model View Controller) and discovered that it is quite similar to the MonoRail project at Castle Project.  While I have implemented the MonoRail on one application, the MVC pattern makes sense and was an easy transition.  It doesn't hurt that my experience has primarily been in Microsoft technologies.  The MVC pattern makes a whole lot of sense if you think of it like this:  The view is nothing more than a dumb-terminal (just displays and accepts information), the controller responds to the user interactions and directs traffic (he know how to get things done) and the model does the work.  The way this fits together, the model can then be anything you wish.  It could be a service oriented approach, CSLA project or other entity frameworks.  Again, the controller does not DO the work, but knows who to contact to get the job done. 

The other area that I still need to research it the Entity Framework.  While the concept here is very exciting, how does this compare to the rich business logic within CSLA?  Still trying to figure this one out.

I'm heading back to the laptop for more research time, but this stuff is extremely exciting!!! Keep going Microsoft.

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left by show cars at 8/4/2009 7:46 AM Gravatar
the newer CRUD making tools makes programming 5 years ago seem like madness - I am so glad they have mastered it - it used to be so boring
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