XAF DSL Tool Finally able to be Installed

I had some hard learning experiences when trying to share this tool.  With this being my first DSL tool I was not aware of the Package Load Key (PLK) because I failed to read all the documentation.

After getting the key and time to complete it, the package is ready to be installed by whoever is still interested. 

Also, I added some new features around the XAF Easy Test.  You can now add actors and easy test cases that will navigate to the components and perform easy form fills. 

Let me know what you think.


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# re: XAF DSL Tool Finally able to be Installed

left by Martin Brekhof at 12/13/2009 12:11 PM Gravatar
First I think your idea of creating this tool was brilliant, it really helps in getting working protoypes created real fast.
I decided to download the source and try to enhance the source by myself. I created two additional properties (DeletionDeferred and NavigationItem) and adapted the relevant tt file. The projects compile flawless, creating a new MSI. It installs ok, however somehow the changes I made never made it to the new program. Is there some 'trick' involved in getting the generator to work?

# re: XAF DSL Tool Finally able to be Installed

left by Alain at 6/1/2010 10:38 AM Gravatar
Hi Patrick

Nothing new about this wonderful tool ??

# re: XAF DSL Tool Finally able to be Installed

left by Patrick Liekhus at 6/1/2010 1:52 PM Gravatar
I am currently working on the next release of this tool. I have found the DSL tool has some limitations in the code that we have been developing and working out those issues. The next version is using Entity Framework and the code generation there to do the same things as this tool. The Entity Framework provides a much richer experience and allows greater control over the code portions. I am having a demo of it at the Kansas City Developer conference on the 19th of June and plan on posting it prior to that event. I will post here again when there are changes.

Thanks for the continued interest.
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