Times have been busy, but IASA Kansas City is off and running

I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog as of late with getting the Kansas City chapter of IASA Global up and running.  We are excited to bring the training and education factors of IASA into the local Kansas City market.  It’s a little selfish on my part as I want the training courses here locally so I don’t have to get travel approved as well.  Due to this, I have put in a lot more effort to make sure this group is set correctly and running as efficiently as possible.

With that, our initial meeting is set for September 8, 2010 from 6-8PM at the Johnson County Library on 87th St.  It is open to anyone with an interest in IT Architecture and will layout our plans over the next couple of years.  We will be discussing training and courses that we plan on hosting as well how you can get involved to help shape this group.  After all, this is a group of IT Architects working to bring the resources and training for IT Architects.

You can find more details about our meeting at http://www.iasakc.org and register for the event at http://iasakc982010.eventbrite.com.


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# Times have been busy, but IASA Kansas City is off and running

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