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OK so after a few meetings with some of the Microsoft Federal  (Vlad, Marc, and Ken) guys to discuss implementing Visual Studio Team Foundation Server for our latest project, I hit the ground running and finally opened the December MSDN media kit shipment to install Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh.


After talking with Ken I thought for sure the install was going to be a bear, but in fact it went exactly according to the checklist provided on the install media. While I wouldn’t recommend installing B3R, since RC0 is available on MSDN now, if you are going to do that, or if you’re actually installing RC0, the checklist is great. Follow it and you really can’t go wrong.


In all it took the better portion of a full workday mostly because I was installing everything from scratch (W2K3 w/SP1 Slipstreamed) and because I opted for the Domain setup so I ended up standing up a new domain controller just for the VSTF. Why a new DC just for VSTF? Well in my shop we have several domains dedicated to different projects and I didn’t want the DC for VSTF to be specific to any of those, but to instead be independent of all projects.


One note we did find out is the port number for firewall exceptions was slightly lacking in the install document I used with B3R, there was a later update which addressed the other ports in use. The omission in the original document made for about 2 hours of frustrated analysis trying to figure out why if all the “right” ports were open on the firewall could the SQL reports not get through on the Project Portal site. In the end I got my hands on the updated install document for B3R and added the “missing” ports to the firewall rules and all was right once again.

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