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<Short Attention Span Review>Acronis Rocks – it’s better than Ghost on Steroids</Short Attention Span Review>



  • Create full or differential backups
  • Image your drive with bootable rescue CD or while running Windows
  • Drive images can be compressed
  • Drive images can be mounted as a virtual disk and explored using Explorer.
  • Price is right – only $49.99


  • I can’t think of any…this product really delivers!

 A few months back I was looking to migrate everything I had on one of my home computers to a new, larger hard drive. In the past I’d used products like Norton Ghost or Alohabob PC Relocator but was looking for something new because with Norton I was beginning to not like aspects of some of their software and I had a bad time with Alohabob the last time I used it. So I fired up my favorite search engine and discovered Acronis.


When I started looking at the feature set I thought “Hey this could work” and the price was right, only $49.99 for a single license so I went to buy it…and then caught the “up sell” to bundle it with Acronis Disk Director Suite for only $79.99 and was happily downloading my loot within minutes.


The software was dead easy to use…I simply installed it, hooked up my external USB drive and created an image of my current hard drive. I wanted to move everything off an existing 80GB hard drive and put it on a shiny new 400GB hard drive. After a little while my drive was imaged and I was able to open the box, swap out the drives and begin the work of restoring the image.


Of course I need to back up a moment here…Acronis comes with the ability to create its own rescue media which is a bootable CD that loads the Acronis software…so after I had my shiny new drive in I was able to boot the Acronis CD, restore my image from the USB drive onto my new 400GB drive and once I had rebooted everything was done.


Acronis even lets you expand the partition you’re restoring to fill the entire disk if you want to. Since I had the Disk Director Suite I figured why not? I can always change things later if I want to.


So the bottom line is the software does what it says, does it well and at a price that’s pretty sweet.


Since I was so impressed with the way the home version worked for me, when it came time to investigate Bare Metal Restore technology for an upcoming project at work, I called Acronis and got a trial of their Server version.


This worked like a champ for the servers as well. SCSI, IDE, SAS, it handled whatever drives we threw at it. One of the tests we did with the server version was to install and configure a Dell 2650, get it all patched and ready to go, imaged it with Acronis and then slicked the server with Darik’s Boot and Nuke.


Restoring the server quickly to operating condition was easy with the rescue media and the drive image on a nearby NAS…and way faster and less complicated than I had ever experienced using VERITAS Backup Exec.


The server version is pretty pricey, but you do get volume discounts…and again, IMHO, it’s worth it.


So for the server room or your living room, Acronis imaging can certainly hook you up whether it’s a simple disk migration or you’re looking for disaster recovery.

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