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Buffalo LinkStation Pro 250


  • Easy Setup
  • Gigabit Port onboard
  • 2 USB ports for expansion
  • Quiet/Cool running



  • No HTTPS for web based configuration


I recently started looking for additional external storage on my home network because I was running low on space for the existing solution which is 1 (one) 400GB External USB connected Drive and 1 (one) 250GB USB connected Drive. I have a single USB Drive Enclosure which I swap the two drives in and out of…not pretty but it works. One of my main gripes with my current solution was that if I was on a different workstation at home (I have 3) then I had to either map the drive or lug it and plug it into the system I was working on so I was looking for an affordable Network Attached Storage solution, but at the same time didn’t want an antiquated 10/100 bound port on that NAS since my home network is GB Ethernet based.


So I was checking e-mail the other day when I got an alert from telling me about a deal on 2GB SD Cards (I ended up buying some!) and while I was browsing their site I came across this Buffalo LinkStation. After looking over the specs on it and seeing it wasn’t too expensive ($194) I went ahead and ordered it as well.


Here are some screenshots of the configuration screens:

One interesting little tid-bit – the “I’m Here!” button actually sends a signal to the Buffalo that makes it sing a little chime…kinda goofy but cool at the same time.


After getting it hooked up to my network and installing the client utility on my laptop I was able to start transferring files – the client utility basically adds a mapped drive to your system and you can drag/drop files from that point on. The performance was pretty nice considering my setup is ideal for it’s use – I have straight Gigabit connectivity from my laptop’s NIC to the switch to the Buffalo itself.


Another neat feature is the ability to daisy-chain additional USB drives using the two USB ports on the Buffalo – then you can access those via the network as well. I daisy chained my 400GB USB drive on the Buffalo and instantly had 650GB of Networked storage on my home network…not quite as nice as having a 1U Rack-Mount Lacie 1TB networked drive, but still pretty nice considering the price tag and easy setup.


Overall this was a pretty neat buy – about the only things I’m a little disappointed in is 1) the lack of SSL to secure the configuration stuff…on my home network its fine I suppose, but if I used this at work I would want SSL, and 2) is the limited 250GB size. True I could have purchased a 320GB model for a bit more, but I didn’t. These guys also offer a 500 and 750GB model...perhaps one day if the price is right I'll buy one of the larger capcity models.


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# re: Hardware Review: Buffalo LinkStation Pro 250
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Not sure why you need https. That sort of security is of some importance to be sure you are connected to the website you think you are connected to, but the packet encryption part of https doesn't really serve much purpose since packets are very difficult to sniff on any network. The http interface works fine unless you can cite an example of a security concern that is real, and not imaginary.

I have two of the Buffalo servers, both a great and I have a secure website for orders on my business website, but for an entirely different reason -- it gives consumers a good feeling, but it doesn't really protect much of anything. SSL is more hype to sell more expensive servers and certificates.

That's my opinion. This product is great however, can create directories with different permissions to different users with passwords, etc. etc.
Left by Hal Rogers on Apr 26, 2007 1:13 PM

# re: Hardware Review: Buffalo LinkStation Pro 250
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my linkstation 500gb just decided to think that the disk is unformatted, and doesnt allow any access to the 50gb of data i got in it. buffalo support is less than quick to respond, and give you suggestions like "reset the factory defaults", taking me nowhere. anyone got similar issues? I'm losing hope on getting by data back...
Left by bg on Sep 04, 2008 5:02 PM

# re: Hardware Review: Buffalo LinkStation Pro 250
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Mine went 'unformatted' too. NEVER will I buy anything from Buffalo again.
Left by Dave on Jan 14, 2009 6:20 PM

# re: Hardware Review: Buffalo LinkStation Pro 250
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My LinkStation's drive is "unformatted" too. Any solution?
I tried update the firmware, but the LinkStation is "not connected". It's very strange...
Left by joc on Aug 29, 2009 12:14 PM

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