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In an earlier post I mentioned a relatively uneventful 6+ hour drive from Charleston, SC to Richmond, VA for the Richmond Code Camp this past weekend. Having left my house in the wee hours of the morning and encountering very little traffic along most of my route I was pretty ready to just get to the event and get out of my car as I was pulling in toward Richmond.
It was daylight and there was more morning traffic on the road. Having travelled up most of I-95 at a steady 70-75 MPH (the posted speed limits tended to be either 65 of 75) I was in for a rude awakening when a stretch of I-95 dropped to 55MPH. Well it really hit me when I saw a VA State Police car in the median making a turn at one of those “Authorized Vehicles Only” turning points. I knew I was gonna have to stop as soon as I saw him in my review mirror pulling into traffic behind me and I started to signal my intention to pull over. Instead of pulling me over quickly he tailed me for a good mile or so before actually turning on his lights.
I pulled over immediately, rolled down all my windows and had my hands clearly visible. When he asked for my license and registration I asked him if he minded me unlocking the glove box to get it. He responded with a question as to whether I had any weapons in the car. I told him I only had a Leatherman (he smiled – OK a Leatherman isn’t really a weapon like he meant, but I remember my time in England where it is considered a weapon – that’s a different story) After that he said “Just move slowly, and as long as there are no weapons or severed heads in the car we’re OK”. I laughed at that and handed him my documents. We talked for a couple minutes about where I was coming from and where I was going before he let me off with a verbal warning (of which I was very thankful – a ticket/fine would have really put a damper on my weekend!) and I continued on to Richmond well within the posted speed limits!
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