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  • Free!
  • Easy to use – very configurable!
  • Unlimited Alarms
  • Set music to auto-turn off while you sleep
  • Supports a wide variety of sound formats
  • Just download it! :)
  • Can’t think of any – did I mention it’s free?
So Brian’s probably going to kill me for bringing more attention to a piece of software he hasn’t touched in years…but when I upgraded my phone I lost one of the features I had used on my old one…the built-in alarms that I programmed for different days. I never woke up to an alarm clock in the past 4 years…I’ve always used a built-in alarm on one of my phones.
Some may say “But Lou – you’ve got alarms you can set in Windows Mobile” – yeah but there are only 3 built-in and you can only choose certain sound formats and they just aren’t that cool and configurable…so when I remembered Brian had created this little gem I decided to try it.
When you look at all the features packed into this you wonder how you might have gotten by without them. One of the neat ones I like is that you can set the app to full screen – this way at night when it’s plugged in on my nightstand I can look over and see the clock…you can configure the background image in the program too which actually includes a number of them you can pick from.
Another neat feature is the “ramp up” which allows you to set the rate at which the sound increases…so you can get a more gradual wake up instead of a blaring one. I haven’t tried out the timeout settings on the audio player yet – could use that to set music to play while I fall asleep. What I’m thinking of doing is hooking up the phone to an FM transmitter so that I can play the music on the radio in the room – it will auto-shut off at the determined time and there will just be the soft static of the radio after that…then in the morning the alarm will slowly grow louder over the radio. I know – they make clock radios that can do that stuff, but this way would be so much more fun.
All in all this is a pretty handy little app to have on your mobile device. It’s an older app so it doesn’t do well if you view the app on a horizontal screen versus the standard mode (picture doesn’t update, clock doesn’t scale) but that’s forgivable since it was created before these devices came to be. Maybe if there’s enough interest Brian will start working on this again!

Posted on Friday, December 14, 2007 9:49 PM .NET Compact Framework , Software Reviews | Back to top

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# re: Software Review - Wolf Clock for Pocket PC's
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Oh man, Lou!

You're right, I am going to kill you! :)

You know, I admit I was pretty proud of Wolfclock back in the day (heck, I just wrote it to learn PPC development) but as you've pointed out, I haven't touched the code since 2004. For mobile devices, that's an eternity!

I do appreciate the thumbs up... I'll have to turn it over to you to maintain. Hah!
Left by Brian on Dec 16, 2007 4:07 PM

# re: Software Review - Wolf Clock for Pocket PC's
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Just downloaded wolf clock and am very impressed!Just one thing,is there any way to have a more customizable nap time(countdown)?I am in need of 11 min and 31min settings.Could you help me out,I use wm2003se on an axim x30h?Of course I could add another utility but I really like this one!Reminds me a little of hypnotic clock for opera widgets!
Left by Waylon on Apr 17, 2008 11:54 PM

# re: Software Review - Wolf Clock for Pocket PC's
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i had used wolfclock for years until i got my last phone - now it will install but won't run - am running windows mobile 6.1 - please bring this app up to date - it was one of the best ones around
Left by azwonder on Jun 01, 2010 10:53 PM

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