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Having played (and completed!) both Fallout and Fallout-2 I was disappointed (as were so many Fallout fans) to hear that Fallout-3 was cancelled a few years back. There were rumors now and again that Fallout 3 would be resurrected but now it seems it really will be…the question remains though whether this will be a good thing or not in the end.

The company currently developing Fallout-3 is Bethesda Softworks – if you’re a gamer you’ve no doubt heard of them. I’ve enjoyed their games in the past (Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall especially) but one of the things I’ve heard is the new Fallout-3 will be in the same style as those previously mentioned Bethsoft titles…they are taking away the three-quarters top down view of Fallout and making it into a FPS style interface. Now there are many hardcore Fallout fans who are disappointed by this move and I have my reservations about it too…but the main thing I’m interested in is how well they do with the story this time around. As those who have attended my Game Development presentations before will note – killer graphics are great, but it’s the story that draws most into the game as evidenced for example by the countless aggregated hours spent by so many waiting for old King’s Quest screens to paint while playing that game on an Apple IIe in the 80s

One thing I hope they do keep is the ability to keep playing the game after you win like Fallout-2 (don’t remember if this was available in Fallout or not – a lot longer since I’ve played that one). After you win the game in Fallout-2 you were given the option to continue playing your character in the world. There are some pretty neat things you can do by then – especially after you visit the Church in Vegas.

I suppose it’s time to dig up my old Fallout and Fallout-2 CD’s and re-install them so I can play through once more before the release of Fallout-3 – which is supposedly due in Q4 2008 (they have a ship date of 9/9/2008 but we know how that can go with development!)

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